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There are virtually thousands of problems and demands emerging in Nigeria every day, which means a never-ending – in fact, always-increasing – demand for high-powered infoproducts and services. Can you help Nigerians solve problem of cash, how to study and pass exams, how to become the Casanova of our time (I made up to $1000/month packaging/selling dating/sex ebooks), how to start your own fish name it, all these are needs you can help solve, maybe you have seen or bought a couple of books on the above topic.

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Self Publishing Guru Shows You How to Write and Market Blockbuster Ebooks in Record Time...Techniques That Are Proven to Increase Infoproducts Sales By 100% … 250% … Even 800% Or More!

When developing an Infoproduct, you must understand three things: Just 3 Things. The 3 Things are key techniques that can spell the difference between success and disaster.

For the first time in his career, Self Publishing Guru Dennis Gaskill has finally agreed to reveal all of his secrets in the most comprehensive ebook for writing/packaging top-notch, blockbuster ebooks in record time – regardless of your experience.

Whether you’re a writer looking to make money writing, or a student, or a worker who wants to make extra money, this program is for you.

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How To Grow Money Selling Your Words and Ideas

From This ebook you'll learn
What is an Ebook
Why You Should Start Now To Sell Your Own InfoProducts
Why Sell An Informational Products
Why Ebook
Why People Pay For Information
How Much Can You Make
The Idea
The Magic Key To Success and Profits
How To Generate Topic Ideas
Research Tips
Advanced Research Tips

This ebook is loaded...

The Worst Mistake You Can Make
25 Writing Tips
30 Ideas to Overcome Writer's Block
Causes of Writer's Block
What Not To Do When You Can't Write
Creating A Title That Sells
Viral Marketing
How To Price Your Ebook
Developing A Website For Your Ebook
Web Site Design Basics
How To Submit Your Website To Google & Yahoo For Free Customers
Free PR Publicity For Your Website
27 Tips To Increase Your Sales

Grow Money Selling Your Words and Ideas will teach you just that, How to grow money in your backyard selling your words and ideas. Below is a testimonial by one of our clients.

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John, Port Harcourt

Grow Money as an ebook is enough for you to learn all there is about infoproduct packaging and selling, yet we added "Start a Lucrative Self Publishing Business" ebook, this ebook will guide you to the Holy Grail of Creating wealth through what others see as problems.

How You Can Start A Lucrative Self Publishing Business From The Comfort Of Your Home...

This ebook has Proven Strategies to make you publish ebooks That Sell.

You’ll learn:

20 Questions To Ask Before Creating An eBook
15 Creative Ways To Make Money With eBooks
20 Ways To Increase Your Traffic And Sales With eBooks
10 Ways To Increase Your Free eBook Downloads
10 Easy Ways To Increase Your eBook's Size
10 Concerns To Have Before Creating A Members Only Web Site
12 High Readership Content Ideas
10 Reasons To Sell A Fee Based Subscription Ezine
40 Hot Information Product Ideas

You will learn these and more while discovering dozens of simple, proven approaches that dramatically increase your profits.

The Idea Revolution...How you can generate the next Billion Dollar Idea

Imagine the money making secrets you will unlock in your brain, when you combine Grow Money, Start A Lucrative Self Publishing and The Millionaire Mind. By reading and understanding the concepts of Millionaire Mind, you have insured yourself to success.

The Millionaire Mind: How To Develop The Millionaire's Mind

If you have a millionaire mindset you make can millions whether you are selling wood, stone or books, so this ebook will help develop the classical mindset of the world's successful they think and importantly why and how they succeed

How To Develop The Millionaires' Mind
How To Retrain your thought pattern
How To Become A Person of Influence
How To Develop An Indomitable Will
The Spirit of Perseverance
How To Be Courageous

Learn The Divinity of Your Thought

The Power of Self Improvement...Your Key To Any Height
Daily Steps to Success
What to do daily to Achieve Your Goals

If You are truly about succeeding, you must do this every month
Two Things to do to move from failure to superlative success
The fallacy that opportunity knocks but once.
How to Focus on what you want and get it
5 Words that will change your Destiny.

A Personal Message From One of The Greatest Entrepreneurs of our time to you, It will change your reality


The Genius Factor: How To Read Faster, Comprehend Better & Retain 80% of What You Read...Secrets of Einstein

Once you have learned the most effective approaches for reading, researching and retaining information, you’ll get detailed insights into how Genius think and how they read and process information and you can model it in your own life...and become a Genius.

Advanced Learning Technique
What to do before reading...don’t fear you don’t need to do incantations
Time - Why it is important to studying
Do you lose or retain what you have learnt
Why you need Limits to explode your comprehension and retention power.
Applying what you learnt
How a reoccurring WAEC Question can help you become a Genius
The Gestalt Psychology - What is it
Any one of these tips could result in a dramatic increase in your
comprehension, speed, within hours of applying it.

So whether you’re looking for a new business opportunity, or want to earn more money, Our Infropreneurship Program can be your ticket to success!

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