Access N220Billion SME Fund: Special Online Entrepreneurship Class

Opportunity Abounds!

Since 2008, I have a vision and have been on a mission to help as many under-graduates and graduates to acquire entrepreneurship and self reliance skills.

90% of unemployed youths are mostly graduates who don't know how to apply themselves. In carrying out this mission, I regrettably found out that most government workers, salaried people, bankers, Oil Company staff are not prepared for retirement. They don't have the requisite skills to manage themselves or any business they start during retirement or retrenchment. Many die or suffer severe depression after losing their jobs.

Many PHCN staff or oil company staff paid millions of naira as pay off cannot account for the huge sums of money after a few years.

It's very worrisome. And you should be worried too. This can happen to anybody. What happens to your family? How do you pay your bills? What of your children’s school fees, house rent if you lose your job?

You can bullet-proof yourself against this adverse situations.

We are looking for a few motivated, self starters to test run our Brand New, Innovative, pioneering Entrepreneurship training. We developed this course to take anyone from scratch and teach them winning business skills to succeed regardless of business they venture.

  • Are you looking to develop business skills that will help you start a flourishing part/full time business?
  • Do you desire to access loans to help you launch your dream business?
  • Do you want to acquire the success mindset and develop tenacity to succeed despite opposition?

Then I want to specially invite you to our Online Entrepreneurship Seminar Class. You are going to receive honest, practical business lessons to help you succeed.

You'll also have an opportunity for you to receive funding for your business idea.

The Federal Government has released additional N220 Billion for SME (Small Medium Enterprise) loans and we all are eligible for it. I will show you how to start with a loan of N500k to access N5m or N20m. I’m processing my own right now.

I am fully convinced this is the perfect time for anyone serious about starting his or her own business to develop loanable business plan and access funds to kick start the business of their dreams.

Due to flood of enquires, I setup a self paced, step by step tutorial to help anyone package a business plan and access loans from Microfinance Banks, FG & State SME funds.

Most importantly this seminar will gift you with perseverance, insight and tenacity to achieve your stated goals.

Starting next week, we will be selling this information for N10,000, N20,000 & N30,000 as the information is very hot.

We need volunteers to test run the online seminar prior to launching.

I will send you links to access the members only forum to download the private course materials.


Duration: 7 Days (Access Training at convenient time)

I-B-OIdentify Business OpportunitiesQuestions to uncover profitable business niches. TYou have to dig deep and ask probing questions to  effectively identify new business opportunities. Take a step back, and use these questions as a guide to help you create or adapt business strategies to meet the changing needs of your market.

co-op-biz-planCo-op Business PlanThe business plan that Microfinance & SME Fund Disbursing Agencies are interested in

dominate-d-market2Millionaires Marketing Secrets – Learn how to dominate any business sector. Dominate Your Market! Achieve Financial Freedom. Live Your Dreams. End Your Money Worries by selling your products like Millionaire Marketers. Discover how they create hot desire for your products/services.

MYSS1THE GO−GETTER – Become a go-getter and achieve all your dreams. What's the benefit of a business plan, a millionaires insight if you give up at the first sight of challenge? You'll be initiated into the Order of The Blue Vase – empowering you to overcome any obstacle, set-back, delays on your road to success.

How to join:

1. Fill The Form Below 2. Check Your Email  To Confirm Your Membership 3. Access The Training Guides

Thanks for taking time to read this eletter.

Olunkwa Ikechukwu

p.s. Since 2008 I have been championing entrepreneurship as the panacea for youth unemployment. I have taught entrepreneurship classes at ABSU & MOUAU. I am an Apostle of Entrepreneurship & Evangelist of Self Reliance.

p.p.s. This is not a free course. If you take this training and find it useful you pay me. If you feel it was a waste of your time…Don’t.
Remember you will receive training to help you succeed in any financial situation you find yourself.

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