The New Han Solo

Fans want this young Harrison Ford lookalike to be the next Han Solo — and he says he's ready

Anthony Ingruber in "Age of Adaline."

"Star Wars" fans can expect a Han Solo standalone film from Disney in 2018, but the actor who will portray the young Solo has yet to be chosen.


In early January, a shortlist of talent being auditioned — including Dave Franco and Miles Teller — was released. But there's one name absent from the list that some fans immediately rallied behind: Anthony Ingruber. 




The 25-year-old actor made his film debut in Disney's TV movie "Avalon High" back in 2010, but he's best-known for his portrayal of a young Harrison Ford in 2015's "Age of Adaline." 

In 2008, Ingruber posted a video to YouTube of himself doing a Han Solo impersonation. The video has since racked up over a million views and it even drew the attention of "Age of Adaline" director Lee Toland Krieger, which led to Ingruber's role in the film. 

"It was really important for me to find a balance between delivering the role as an original piece, while still applying some of the mannerisms that Ford is famous for," Ingruber told Business Insider. "So it was not simply a matter of impersonating him, but rather taking those elements to build a new, although still recognizable, character." 

Ingruber got to meet his idol while working on the set of "Age of Adaline," after the director organized it.


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Ingruber said people started pointing out the resemblance when he was 14. As the son of a diplomat, he moved to various countries throughout his childhod and devloped an adoration for movies, which eventually resulted in him practicing impersonations of actors like Ford and Jack Nicholson.


"One of the few constants I had in my life was my love of film and the iconic actors that had been my childhood heroes," he said. "I had already developed a passion for film and had spent a lot of my childhood watching their movies so the mannerisms and voices had kind of sunken in. This was something I always enjoyed doing throughout my teen years, as it always got a great response and made me a lot of friends. It also sparked my main goal of becoming an actor in my own right."   

He said he's amazed by the support he's received from fans and would gladly take the Han Solo movie role if the opportunity presented itself.

"I'm so grateful to the fans for their awesome support and confidence in me," he said. "When the news of casting first started, my internet actually stopped working due to the massive amount of tweets and comments from lifelong 'Star Wars' fans who were campaigning for me to play Han."  

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