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OLUNET SERVICES is an innovative, foremost Web Design & ICT Services firm with experience in a wide range of business projects.

Founded in 2003, OLUNET SERVICES is a pioneer in Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Infoproduct Development & Marketing and Entrepreneurship Training.

WEB DESIGN: OLUNET SERVICES has established itself as the leading provider of Website Design, Web Portal Development. Our Client Portfolio includes government organizations, ministries, private firms and non governmental organizations.

CONSULTANCY: OLUNET SERVICES is proud of its strong client focus and long term relationships with its clients, ranging from government ministries to private enterprises.

INFOPRODUCT DEVELOPMENT / MARKETING: We assist our clients in developing products / services and designing effective marketing strategy to sell the products. By creating the concept, design under one roof, our clients are confident of seamless integration and consistency of purpose in developing and marketing of their products and services.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING: OLUNET SERVICES has a solid entrepreneurship training base. Our Business Development Managers are constantly researching and testing the latest business technology. They are continually looking for ways to help our clients start, grow and expand their business.

Our strong customer focus, experience in framing and meeting the spoken & unspoken needs of our client to produce outstanding results in our clients businesses… matched with our creative and enthusiastic approach to clients goals, make us the perfect choice to come to for your web design and business development needs.