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Entrepreneurship Training
OLUNET SERVICES runs an award winning Entrepreneurship training. We have world class content to help you discover, detailed, practical ideas for building wealth through a small business, using online and offline business building strategies.

We are in partnership with Leading Global Institutes and NGO’s to bring to you an innovative approach to starting your own business and becoming your own boss.

  Our Services:
Web Design
Software Development
Database Programming
Entrepreneurship Training
Internet Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Domain Name Registration/Sales

Software Development
We develop cutting edge software for business solutions, web based programming

Databse Programming
Stock, Members Only Database Portal, Students Records, Church Membership, Office Records


"Affiliate Marketers will earn $6.2 Billiona US Dollars" ...that's a whole lot of money.

To get your share of this money, we provide an indepth training, coaching and mentorship program to take you from novice to Online Marketing Guru.

"Discover The Simple Affiliate Training Program That Could Change Your Life Forever"
Start on the journey to real financial freedom by joining our affiliate training program...you will learn What is Affiliate Marketing Register Here

How I Made $1000 Selling Info Products?
Would you like to learn how I made $1000 selling infoproducts and how you can too...you can earn good money pacakaging & selling your own infomation products. There's a huge untapped market in Nigeria and globally for information...More Info